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Do This With The Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatment.

This is a cutting-edge treatment that:

  • Has 100% GUARANTEED results
  • Is FDA-Approved
  • Has been clinically Proven to work
  • Is non-invasive (PAIN-FREE!)
  • Takes only 45 minutes


Center for Alternative Medicine specializes in building your confidence in as little as 45 minutes.

But how do we do this?

The science behind the Zerona laser is as amazing as the results it produces.

Using low-level laser technology, this laser uses light stimulation to disrupt the membrane of your fat cells. This creates a pore in the cell and makes the fat drain out and break up.

With this process, the cells are liquified and fatty material is cleared, providing results in the treated area.

The part of this process that makes it so much better than other treatments is that it SHRINKS the adipose cells rather than KILLING them. Killing the cells can result in damage to the body tissue while shrinking them, leaves absolutely NO side effects. No pain. No scars. Nothing but getting your body back!

During this treatment, you will be lying down comfortably while the painless, non-invasive laser treats the area you’re having done. After treating the front section of the area, you will simply turn over. Then the back section will be treated.

There is no recovery time so, after the treatment is done, you’ll be done and back to your daily life!

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We may be certified to use the Zerona Fat Loss Laser, but we specialize in building confidence.

And we have to say, it’s one of the best parts of the job.

Giving someone the joy of loving their reflection? Helping someone fit into the jacket they had forgotten about? Being able to help someone relax poolside, focusing more on the fun time their child is having than how they might look?

It’s why we wake up excited for another day of work. Another day of changing lives. Another day of watching our clients’ confidence grow.

Give us the chance to change another life and give yourself the chance to love the person staring back at you. Contact us today to receive a 100% COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

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